With a faltering public education system

With a faltering public education system

Plagued by lowered budgets and a host of other issues, many parents turn to prep schools to get their children a high school education that counts.

A prep school is usually a private school, and many times, they are boarding schools. If you are one of those, who choose the route of college prep for their children, rather than leaving them to the realm of public education, choosing the right school is the key to your child’s future.

With that, we have put together this guide of the top 10 considerations when choosing a prep school. It is not necessarily that any private school won’t provide a better academic experience for your child; most private schools far surpass their public counterparts; moreover, it’s that choosing the right school will help your child through prepper checklist college and beyond. Students and parents should be ultra-selective when choosing these schools.

10 Considerations for Choosing a Prep School

When choosing a prep school, you should visit every school that you have on your list. As you visit each school, you should answer the following questions.

  1. Does the location work for your family? – You want to send your child to a school that is located conveniently for your family. You will not want to send them to a boarding school across the country, for example, if you are not prepared to pay for flights home a few times each year.
  2. Does your child agree with the choice of schools? – You child should be involved in the choice of schools. Failing to involve your son or daughter may mean lower grades when they are resentful for being there in the first place.
  3. What are your child’s plans? – Many students don’t know what they plan to do beyond high school; for those that do, however, that possible future can help you to choose a school that will fit well with their future educational requirements.
  4. Does the educational program fit your needs? – Many prep schools have a specific educational focus. What is that focus, and does it fit with what you want for your child? You don’t want to send your child to an art’s-specific school, for example, if they intend to work in science in the future.
  5. How does the school rate compared to similar schools? A simple Google search for prep school rankings will turn up hundreds of pages devoted to comparing all of the different prep schools’ academic achievements across the country.