Use of the Perfect marked cards

Use of the Perfect marked cards

All marked poker cards are the same as the originals as they were processed by us. Different marked poker cards have different characteristics, so the way of marking and the invisible ink used in the marking is also different.

Each card is marked on its back in an almost imperceptible way, so that with a single glance you will be able to know what the others have in hand, and act accordingly destroying your savings in a single night. Have fun with your friends, and drop them without them knowing, or if you prefer, play to guess the card, the possibilities are varied. Ideal for tricksters or magician apprentices! No prior preparation is necessary to become the lord and master of poker. All you have to do is shuffle the cards, deal them and play as usual. The number and the stick are printed on the back, hidden in the design, so if the secret is not known they are impossible to detect

Block marks

It works simply by using the same ink colour as the back of the card and colouring the flowers in the small size white areas of the card.

Crop marks

This is the most primitive marking method that uses an artisan knife to scratch and mark the pattern on the back of the letter.

Printed marks

These marked letters have a mini-digit mark or pictogram. It is difficult to identify these marks, and it is easy to discover that you are cheating.

The best marked decks: invisible ink marks

This is currently the most popular and is the most recommended way of marking letters. As long as you wear invisible ink contact lenses, it is clearly and intuitively seen the mark on the back of the letters.

Letters marked for sale

How to distinguish the best quality cards for sale? The most important tip is to mark luminous cards marked poker their characteristics. If you’re looking for UV ink decks, Fournier-marked decks or Royal juice cards would be a good choice for poker players or magicians. No matter the big mark in the middle or the small marks in the four corners of the back of the cards,

For most cards marked paper poker, they are not waterproof. The multitude of people who use paper cards is large and extensive throughout the world. In addition, compared to plastic poker marked cards, the marked paper deck easily degrades in the natural environment. Therefore, plastic decks still deserve to be marked as cards marked with invisible ink.