Perfect Trading Choices Online: What You Can Get Now

Perfect Trading Choices Online: What You Can Get Now

This fee refers to the service of saving your assets, so it is charged only when the investor has some position in variable income assets in the month. The custody fee amounts vary widely up to R $ 30 per month.

But not all brokers charge a custody fee (most grant their clients an exemption) and some only charge you if you don’t execute orders in the month. From the Blix Group you can find the best deal.

Direct treasure fee

Just like the monthly custody fee, this is an administration fee in the direct treasury that is charged on the total invested in government bonds, that is, it will only be charged if you have government bonds in custody at the brokerage. Now you will not have to deal with these matters as Blix Group comes up with the best choices.

  • Although it does not make much sense since the broker does not do any work, the vast majority of brokers charge this rate, which varies from 0% to 2% per year on the total amount invested.
  • If you intend to invest only in direct treasure, good news. The direct treasury itself has a ranking of the management fee charged by the brokerage firms.
  • Knowing the fee charged for the direct treasury is essential for you to choose a brokerage firm.

This importance is because this fee is charged under the amount invested, it will directly affect the profitability of your investments. So if your goal is to invest in direct treasure, look for institutions that do not charge for this which you can find in the list above.

Home broker or trading desk

There are basically two options for buying and selling the most varied financial assets.

The Home Broker (broker application for you to send orders over the internet) or the trading desk (when you call the broker or send an email to the employee of the financial institution to do the transaction for you) these are the options open for you.