How Can CBD Help You In Dealing With Essential Tremors?

How Can CBD Help You In Dealing With Essential Tremors?

CBD has shown promising results for those who experience tremors as one of the symptoms of conditions like Parkinson’s disease. However, there is one particular condition that doesn’t get the attention it should – Essential Tremor.

Even though essential tremor or ET is not a life-threatening disorder, it is important to note that it affects a large population. It is difficult to get the exact number, but it is estimated that nearly 2.2 to 3 percent of Americas have ET. This means it is more prevalent than Parkinson’s disease. 

Well, even after knowing so much, we don’t exactly know anything about essential tremor, and how it can be efficiently cured. However, one thing is for sure, CBD vape cartridge can certainly help.

Essential Tremor

The condition is characterized by uncontrolled shaking of different body parts. However, it is no way associated with Parkinson’s disease. Mostly, individuals suffering from ET will experience shaking hands while performing basic tasks like tying shoes. It is observed that in the long run, ET affects head, legs, and voice. 

One of the reasons why there is no proper treatment for ET is, what causes it is a mystery. Most probably, the reasons are genetic since 50% of the reported cases shows that they inherited the condition from their parents. Then again, where exactly does the hereditary trait lies in the genetics, is still isn’t clear? 

Furthermore, there are no particular tests to diagnose the condition. Mostly, it is diagnosed depending on the experiences reported by the patients. This is the reason why essential tremor is mostly confused with Parkinson’s. Well, now just like there is no specific way to diagnose the condition, there is no specific treatment available as well. Individuals suffering from ET usually self-treat themselves by trying natural products like CBD oil. 

How CBD oil can be helpful?

For now, how CBD works is based on anecdotal evidence. Many users around the globe report that the intensity and frequency of their tremors decreased noticeably after taking CBD oil. 

While there is no specific study conducted to see how CBD works for essential tremors, many other types of research are conducted to see the effects of CBD on similar conditions. It is therefore believed that CBD might have the necessary therapeutic effects that any essential tremor patient seeks. 

Using CBD oil safely for Essential Tremor

Before you start figuring out the right CBD product and dosage for ET, you must consult your doctor. Usually, very few side effects are associated with CBD, but it is observed that CBD reacts with other common medicines. Therefore, to ensure you are using CBD safely, talk to a certified doctor first. 

Lastly, there is no particular dose that will work for an ET patient. There are very good chances that what might work for one patient might not work for another. So, simply follow the most basic thumb rule and start with the least recommended dosage. You can gradually increase or adjust the dosage as you need.