When online streaming platforms are booming in the digital world, regional OTT platforms are also gaining popularity. One such OTT platform for new hdmovies online to viewers is aha OTT platform. You can watch various genres of tamil movies in this platform. Below given are two such movies which you can enjoy watching –

  1. Bhanumati RamakrishnaStory – Another film that came straight into the OTT platform without a theatrical release was ‘Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna’. Bhanumathi (Saloni Luthra) is at a good level in an advertising company. Ram (Raja Chembolu), who has been in love with her for five years leaves her for a 24 year old girl. Ramakrishna (Naveen Chandra) joins her team to work with Bhanumathi at a time when everyone Cho’gath BUFF, including her parents, can’t bear the pressure of not being married even after the breakup ather 30th. His is a personality completely contrary to fetishism. In the first introduction, Ramakrishna did not like Bhanumathi at all. After that he approached her ..then how their journey went .. in the end whether the two were together or not is the rest of the story.

Casting – Shravan Bharadwaj provided the background music for the film. Debut director Srikanth .. seemed okay. He took the tested and proven story without any big adventure and tried to narrate it trendy.The film is produced by ashwant Mulukutla.

  1. Colour PhotoStory – This is the story of 1997. A boy named Kannayya (Suhas) works hard to study engineering in a remote village near Machilipatnam. One day, he falls in love at first sight with Deepti Verma (Chandni Chowdhury) who is dressed as his mother as part of a cultural rehearsal at his college. However, being black, he keeps his love in mind for fear that such a beautiful girl will reject his love. But Deepti, who likes Kannayya’s personality very much, tells Kannayya about her love. Deepti’s elder brother Inspector Ramaraju (Sunil) finds out about their love affair and interrupts their love affair. What happened after that? If you want to know whether Kannayya and Deepti get married or not, you have to watch the movie. So far there are many love stories in Telugu. But it should be said that only films based on colour barrier did not come.

Casting –Suhas has again proved himself that he is a black horse in the acting field. Chandni Chowdhury’s acting expressions are so natural that writers should pen down special character only for her. Both of their screen sharing is very much delightful to watch. It is commendable that director Sandeep Raj took the same point and screened the film. The writing by him is truly commandable.When it comes to technicians, the songs and background music provided by Kalabhairava are impressive. The producer of the film is Kalabhairava.You can definitely watch this innocence love story if you are an old lover style.

So if you want to Telugu movies to watch you can definitely go for aha video streaming platform and enjoy watching wide varieties of movies online.